The mission of Kazseeds is to improve farm productivity in Kazakhstan. We envision a Kazakhstan that is self-sufficient in food production and an agricultural exporter to our growing neighbors.

We started a seed company because we believe that high quality seeds are one important part to improving productivity. Seed development takes time: it takes generations. Working with a group that values history and time to provide proven genetics is important. We source proven nonGMO genetics from a partner company in the United States with similar values. We then test those genetics for performance in Kazakhstan. In our first year, our products dramatically increased the feed efficiency for a local beef operation. Since then we have expanded to more regions throughout Kazakhstan, and we are in the process of increasing our range of products.


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+7(727) 225-61-77
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Z05M5Y8, A3-7 office, building 15A, BC “Q”, Kabanbai Batyr avenue, Esil district, Republic of Kazakhstan

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