2022-05-30 09:52:00

KAZSEEDS expanded the territory for sowing corn seeds

Aliya (FAO 160) and Lola (FAO 190) maize hybrids, bred by KAZSEEDS, have shown excellent results in the last dry year in central Kazakhstan. This year, seeds have been distributed in the regions, and by the end of the season, the company expects to break its own crop yield record.

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2021-11-05 06:47:00

KAZSEEDS will choose Kazakh names for new corn hybrids

The KAZSEEDS company does not stand still, making plans for each next year, which will meet the requirements of our farmers and the agricultural site of Kazakhstan in general. Director of the company Edward Baumgartner and CFO Serik Ramazanov told ElDala.kz about the plans for the new season.

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2021-10-31 06:36:00

KazAgro / KazFarm - everything that farmer needs

In addition to modern and advanced agricultural technologies, one of the main components of success in agricultural production is high-quality seeds. KAZSEEDS company brought to the exhibition corn seeds of two hybrids, "Aliya" and "Aisha", the selection of which was carried out in the USA specifically for the harsh conditions of Northern Kazakhstan. According to Edward Baumgartner, director of KAZSEEDS, all the varieties of hybrids offered by the company (and there are about 20 of them) were bred without the use of GMOs, solely thanks to science and hard work. The company plans to develop seed production on the territory of Kazakhstan. This will become possible when a certain level of sales is reached.

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