2019-11-08 16:03:00

Yerkin's Tatishev KUSTO Group plans to turn Kazakhstan into a seed hub of Eurasia

Poor feed supply is one of the main factors hindering the development of animal husbandry in Kazakhstan, which determines the high cost of meat in the country. KazSeeds, a Member of the Kusto Group, intends to solve this problem by offering farmers high-yield seeds of American-selected forage crops.

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2019-06-19 15:56:00

US Ambassador to Kazakhstan Tours Kusto Group’s Kazbeef Facilities

The US Ambassador’s visit to a Kazakh beef production facility operated by Kusto Group subsidiary, Kazbeef, highlights the company’s important ties with its American partners and its efforts to elevate premium livestock production in the country.

Kazbeef, a high-quality beef producer located in Kazakhstan and a division of the diverse multinational Kusto Group, recently hosted the United States Ambassador to Kazakhstan, H.E. William H. Moser, at its Schuchinsk site in the northern region of the country. During his visit, the ambassador was given the opportunity to tour the Kazbeef factory and the adjacent pasturelands where the cattle roam. Upon the completion of his tour, Ambassador Moser was treated to a sampling of Kazbeef’s top of the line premium beef steaks.

2018-12-06 15:51:00

Yerkin Tatishev and the Kusto Group invest in cutting edge technology to develop agriculture in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is on track to become a leader in the use of modern agricultural technologies thanks to local pioneer and investor, Yerkin Tatishev and the Kusto Group. Tatishev is realizing his lifelong dream of bringing his country into the 21stcentury using cutting edge technologies and international know-how. With wide experience in the manufacturing and mining industries, Tatishev, together with the Kusto Group, has turned its energies to agriculture. The outlook for the beef and dairy industries in Kazakhstan and neighboring Ukraine has never looked better. The group has recently launched a new initiative, known as Kazseed, to develop high quality seeds specifically for the local market.


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