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KAZSEEDS is a seed company dedicated to helping our customers attain whole farm profitability and sustainability.

By understanding your whole operation, we can help you choose the right products and help you manage them on your farm in a way that conserves resources and improves profitability.


Building seed production capabilities in Kazakhstan

Creating seed intellectual property in Kazakhstan

Improving agricultural practices to increase exports

Improving the perception of agriculture with technology integration



2022-05-30 09:52:00

KAZSEEDS expanded the territory for sowing corn seeds

2021-11-05 06:47:00

KAZSEEDS will choose Kazakh names for new corn hybrids

2021-10-31 06:36:00

KazAgro / KazFarm - everything that farmer needs

2021-09-23 06:26:00

KAZSEEDS will start seed production in Kazakhstan

2021-09-22 06:02:00

How corn hybrid "Aliya" from the Kusto Group is grown in America

2021-10-21 05:46:00

What are the advantages of "new genetics"

2021-10-18 05:31:00

KAZSEEDS представит на выставке в Нур-Султане новые гибриды

2019-11-08 16:03:00

Yerkin's Tatishev KUSTO Group plans to turn Kazakhstan into a seed hub of Eurasia

2019-06-19 15:56:00

US Ambassador to Kazakhstan Tours Kusto Group’s Kazbeef Facilities

2018-12-06 15:51:00

Yerkin Tatishev and the Kusto Group invest in cutting edge technology to develop agriculture in Kazakhstan


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