Delta is well-suited to average growing conditions. A little extra management will produce good returns.

Planting: Plant Delta at average to above average populations for the area. Dryland conditions are preferred to irrigated conditions with this hybrid. She handles stress very well.

Early Season: Delta has strong emergence in cold soils. She grows quickly at the beginning of the season and will respond to foliar fungicide applications.

Mid Season: Delta may root lodge while the roots catch up to the fast upper plant growth. She is less prone to root lodging in drier conditions that force the roots to grow deeper.

Late Season: Delta stands well in the fall to wait for the combine.

Harvest: Delta is high yielding and produces high quality grain.


Maturity Zones (FAO) – 420-460
Recommended Region – South
50% Silk GDUs – N/A
Black Layer GDUs – N/A

Seedling Vigor – Good
Leaf Angle – Semi-erect
Flowering for Maturity – Average
Stalk Rating – Good
Root Rating – Average
Plant Height – Average
Ear Height – Low
Fall Appearance – Good
Staygreen – Good
High Population Tolerance – Good
Ear Length – Average
Ear Girth – Girthy
Ear Flex – Some
Kernel Rows – 16-22
Test Weight – Average
Cob Color – Red
Husk Cover – Medium
Drydown – Average
Silage Quantity – Average
Silage Quality – Good
Poorly Drained – Average
Medium Soils – Good
Sandy Soils – Good
Gray Leaf Spot – Average
Northern Leaf Blight – Average
Goss’s Wilt – Good
Common Rust – Good
Corn after Corn – Good
Fungicide Response – Good
Drought Tolerance – Good

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