Dutchess is a great choice for livestock operations. She is a very good dual purpose choice with both high grain yields and high silage yields.

Planting: Plant Dutchess at standard or above standard populations for the area. She handles drier soils best and does not like very wet soil.

Early Season: Dutchess has strong early season emergence and growth. She likes a lot of sun and has an upright leaf structure.

Mid Season: Dutchess has strong disease tolerance but will respond to foliar fungicide application.

Late Season: Dutchess stays healthy to the end of the growing season.

Harvest: Dutchess has girthy ears with good grain quality for animal feed. She has high yield potential in drier conditions.


Maturity Zones (FAO) – 430-480
Recommended Region – South
50% Silk GDUs – N/A
Black Layer GDUs – N/A

Seedling Vigor – Very Good
Leaf Angle – Upright
Flowering for Maturity – Average
Stalk Rating – Average
Root Rating – Good
Plant Height – Medium Tall
Ear Height – Low
Fall Appearance – Very Good
Staygreen – Very Good
High Population Tolerance – Good

Ear Length – Good
Ear Girth – Good
Ear Flex – Some
Kernel Rows – 18-22
Test Weight – Average
Cob Color – Pink
Husk Cover – Medium
Drydown – Average
Silage Quantity – Good
Silage Quality – Good

Poorly Drained – Average
Medium Soils – Very Good
Sandy Soils – Good
Gray Leaf Spot – Good
Northern Leaf Blight – Very Good
Goss’s Wilt – Excellent
Common Rust – Very Good
Corn after Corn – Very Good
Fungicide Response – Good
Drought Tolerance – Good

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