Nova is a tall hybrid with excellent adaptability to soil composition, moisture and fertilizer application.

Planting: Plant as soon as conditions allow at 6.35 - 7cm deep. Plant at generally accepted sowing rate in the region of cultivation.

Early Season: Forms strong root system quickly.

Mid Season: Early flowering. Apply fingicide if needed.

Late Season: Maintains plant health throughout the season.

Harvest: Produces high quality grain. The content of proteins and fats is above average (10% and 4% respectively).



Maturity Zones (FAO) – 260
Recommended Region – North, East

Seedling Vigor – Excellent 
Leaf Angle – Erect
Flowering for Maturity – Early 
Stalk Rating – Good 
Root Rating – Excellent 
Plant Height – Medium 
Ear Height – Low 
Fall Appearance – Good 
Staygreen – Good 
High Population Tolerance – Excellent 

Ear Length – Medium
Ear Girth – Average
Ear Flex – Great
Kernel Rows – 14-18
Test Weight – Good
Cob Color – White
Husk Cover – Loose
Drydown – Good

Poorly Drained – Good
Medium Soils – Excellent 
Sandy Soils – Excellent
Gray Leaf Spot – Good 
Northern Leaf Blight – Good 
Goss’s Wilt – Good
Common Rust – Good 
Corn after Corn – Good  
Fungicide Response – Good 
Drought Tolerance – Good

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